This section makes specific recommendations that update San Antonio’s Comprehensive Planning Program. Recommendations include a refined plan hierarchy, introduce a regional planning approach, and suggest changes to the Implementation Service component.

The Comprehensive Planning Program (CPP) is the city’s coordinated approach and process for public planning. It provides the rationale and goals for the city’s long-range development efforts and contains three main service components: Building Capacity, Comprehensive Planning, and Implementation. San Antonio’s most recent update to the City’s CPP was completed in 2009. The SA Tomorrow process has identified a number of changes that need to be incorporated, including new planning approaches and geographies.

This chapter provides a review of the Comprehensive Planning component and explains recommended changes to two of the planning types.

The next chapter provides details on the Comprehensive Plan Implementation Strategy. This includes indicators to measure progress toward achieving Plan goals and policies, and actions to direct the city and its partners in this effort.