Whereas the Comprehensive Plan has a 25-year horizon, the Implementation Strategy will provide guidance for specific indicators, targets, action items, implementation tools and roles and responsibilities for five-year periods. This allows the Implementation Strategy to be updated at regular intervals to better respond to unanticipated opportunities and challenges and to support the long term vision and goals of the Comprehensive Plan.


Indicators are measurable metrics or benchmarks specific to each plan element. The set of indicators for each element collectively provide a mechanism to measure incremental progress toward the achievement of the element’s goals in the short term. Indicators from SA2020, the Multimodal Transportation Plan, and the Sustainability Plan are used when appropriate for consistency across the SA Tomorrow platform and larger community efforts. Although there is not a one-to-one linkage between indicators and actions, each action addresses at least one indicator and vice versa.

These indicators need to be further refined and then tracked throughout the duration of the five-year strategic implementation plan, and subsequent implementation plans. While the indicators provide a mechanism for measuring movement toward or away from one or more goals, targets will identify the specific quantity or percent of change that is deemed aspirational, yet feasible over the next five years.


Actions are key steps for implementing policies, achieving goals and moving toward targets over the next five years. These include, but are not limited to changes to the zoning code; new or modified 18.1 regulations; incentives; partnerships; development agreements; service coordination agreements; and urban renewal areas.

Two major action items to start the SA Tomorrow implementation process are to develop a coordinated approach to implementation for all SA Tomorrow planning efforts and tracking of indicators, and to coordinate all city departments and partners to refine the indicators for each plan element and identify baselines and targets for each.