Indicators and actions

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  • CHW 1: Obesity Rate
  • CHW 2: Number of Households within a 1/2-Mile of a source of Healthy, Affordable Foods
  • CHW 3: Number of people participating in enough aerobic and muscle strengthening activity to meet guidelines
  • CHW 4: Measures of academic success (including High School Graduation Rate and STARR results)
  • CHW 5: Chronic Disease Rate (Diabetes rate and Obesity Rate)
  • CHW 6: Miles of trails and sidewalk Facilities within 1/2-Mile of Transit Stations and Stops
  • CHW 7: Linear Feet of New Sidewalks in Pedestrian-Oriented Areas (Schools, Parks, Transit Stations and Stops within 1/2-Mile
  • CHW 8: Miles of Bike Facilities within 1-Mile of Transit Stops
  • CHW 9: Percent of Households Who Walk, Bike or Ride Public Transit to School, Work, or Grocery Stores
  • CHW 10: Teen Pregnancy Rate (ages 15-19)
  • CHW 11: Percent of Population with Health Insurance Coverage
  • CHW 12: Percent of Households Located Within a 10-Minute walk of a Park
  • CHW 13: Number or Percent of Schools that Open Tracks, Courts, Fields and Playgrounds to the Public (Joint Use Agreements)
  • CHW 14: Water Quality Index
  • CHW 15: Asthma Rates
  • CHW 16: Percent of Budget or Dollars Spent on Health Education and Literacy
  • CHW 17: Percent of Parks Facilities with Outdoor Fitness Equipment (including strength and stretch bars, leg presses, self-weighted equipment)
  • CHW 18: Average Household Water Cost
Action Description Air Quality Economic Vitality Equity Resilience Water Resources
CHW A1 Increase access to healthy and affordable food for all residents within 1/2-mile radius.
CHW A2 Implement Complete Neighborhoods as measured by good access to schools, parks, grocery stores, sidewalks and transit.
CHW A3 Increase park access standards throughout the city.
CHW A4 Work with independent school districts to enhance the SPARK program and make tracks, courts, and fields open to the public.
CHW A5 Enhance programs that educate all residents on the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle.
CHW A6 Enhance programs that offer group fitness classes at parks and shared spaces in all parts of the city.
CHW A7 Review and propose the best areas to install new fitness equipment, benches, dog facilities, other amenities and stations on trail systems.
CHW A8 Strengthen physical activity education and build active lifestyles into San Antonio's long-range goals.
CHW A9 Prioritization of and investment in new sidewalk infrastructure in pedestrian-oriented areas.
CHW A10 Develop a program to analyze and implement reduced speed limits in pedestrian-oriented areas.
CHW A11 Enhance outreach programs that educate residents on the Affordable Care Act.
CHW A12 Work with schools and city and county officials to strengthen teen health and wellness strategies.
CHW A13 Review and increase number of City and county staff dedicated to health education and literacy.
CHW A14 Enhance afterschool and mentorship programs that help students be more successful in school.
CHW A15 Create a simple step-by-step plan that makes street play and community garden permits easier to obtain.
CHW A16 Work with VIA to implement easy to use ticketing systems and discounted pass programs.
CHW A17 Work with communities to improve household satisfaction by lowering crime rates and reducing emergency response times.