San Antonio will use the concept of 'place types' to designate the appropriate and desired development patterns for the major Building Blocks. The place types provide the design intent and key planning and design parameters related to how each place will be developed—with a desirable mix of land uses, city form, public spaces, roads, parking and other infrastructure. The place types will guide desirable development within each of the major Building Blocks.
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Multimodal, Mixed-Use Place Types

Multimodal, mixed-use place types are transit-supportive and address all levels of transit service, from broader regional commuter rail station areas and larger institutions, to smaller scale places such as short segments along community corridors and neighborhood main streets. The place types in this category include:

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Trails, Parks and Open Space Place Types

These place types are designed to create stronger connections among the city’s active and passive recreational and cultural assets by both leveraging and protecting these important community features. Place types in this category include:

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Adaptive Reuse Place Types

Adaptive Reuse place types offer solutions for areas still in transition that will need to evolve to remain relevant either in their current use or change to a new use. The place types in this category include: