Previous sections of this Plan have outlined our city’s Background and Vision (Section 1) and the Plan Framework (Section 2). Section 3: Plan Elements, provides an outline and discussion of each of the nine plan elements that make up our Comprehensive Plan.


Each of these nine elements was guided by a Plan Element Working Group (PEWG) composed of community leaders and representatives of relevant City departments, partner organizations, utilities, colleges and universities, neighborhoods and advocacy groups. Although many of these elements are typically found in other cities’ Comprehensive Plans, ours also needed to move beyond the standard to reflect our city’s unique context and history. The inclusion of the Historic Preservation and Cultural Heritage (HPCH) and Military (M) elements do just that.

The nine elements in our plan are:


Each of the following nine chapters focuses on one of the elements listed above. The chapter provides an overview of major issues and challenges specific to each element as well as a set of goals and policies to set the direction for how our community will respond to and address the challenges before us. We begin each chapter with an introduction to the element and proceed by addressing key questions relating to that element’s policies and goals. Wherever possible, we include examples of case studies that demonstrate best practices that have been proven successful in other urban areas.

Plan Element Goals and Policies are defined as follows:

Goals are the broadest statements of the community’s desired long term direction. Goals describe ideal end-state conditions in 2040 that would result if the Plan is successfully implemented.

Policies are statements that identify the community’s preferred actions in relation to the Plan Element Goals.

Each element’s goals and policies reflect and support the City’s Vision and the key Guiding Principles that characterize the City’s ambitions for the next 25 years.