Military Introduction

As a major employer and actor in the greater San Antonio-New Braunfels metropolitan area, the military and its multiple assets, including Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA) and Camp Stanley, provide important employment, economic and partnership opportunities for our city.

Despite these varied and extensive benefits, there are also challenges that the City and military must work together to address. We have a long and distinguished history as “Military City, USA” and continue to engage active service members and veterans in City decisions. With future base closures and realignments always a looming possibility, proactive steps to strengthen the viability of these installations as an integral part of the city and the region are critical.

JBSA, the largest base organization in the Department of Defense, is made up of 55,760 active duty personnel and 31,624 civilians/contractors. JBSA is comprised of the following:

  • JBSA-Fort Sam Houston: Medical Training, Patient Care, Headquarters;
  • JBSA-Lackland: Basic & Technical Training;
  • JBSA-Randolph: Instructor Pilot, Navigator & Instrument Flight Training; and
  • JBSA-Camp Bullis: Base Operations Support and Training Support to Joint Base San Antonio Mission.

Our commitment to work with the military and support service members, veterans, and their families will contribute substantially to not only the economic success of our city, but also the health and wellbeing of all its current and future residents.

By partnering with the military we have the opportunity to enhance our economic performance, strengthen our position as a welcoming military community and advance research and innovative businesses that will distinguish our City in the future. By addressing land use compatibility problems through cooperative land use planning efforts we foster a supportive environment for military operations. The City of San Antonio has already established itself as “Military City, USA.” To protect this legacy, we must work with the military to ensure only safe and compatible development occurs near our military installations. Several key issues will define San Antonio’s successful approach to its partnership with the military over the next 25 years.