Indicators and actions

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  • M 1: Percent of Compatible Development within 5 Miles of a Base or Military Installation
  • M 2: Improve Sky Quality Index (Night Pollution)
  • M 3: Ratio of San Antonio Troops to Overall Domestic Number of Troops
  • M 4: Number of New Missions within Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA)
  • M 5: Military Dollars Spent in JBSA installations
  • M 6: Veteran Unemployment Rates
  • M 7: Ratio of Military Service Population to Health Care Resources
  • M 8: Gross Regional Product (GRP) Generated in the Region due to Defense-Related Spending
  • M 9: Number of Jobs Generated by Military Spending
  • M 10: Number or Ratio of Department of Defense (DOD) Retirees
  • M 11: Number of Military and Technology Related Patents
  • M 12: Number of Military and Dependents who Attend College in the San Antonio Area
Action Description Air Quality Economic Vitality Equity Resilience Water Resources
M A1 Collaborate with military and developers to explore compatible development surrounding military installations.
M A2 Utilize technology to consolidate information regarding compatible development near military installations to attract and inform potential developers, realtors, home owners.
M A3 Incentivize compatible development near military installations.
M A4 Explore a Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) program near military installations.
M A5 Work with the military to create affordable housing, and address transitioning military, veterans and spousal employment.
M A6 Expand representation of military personnel on city and county committees.
M A7 Study how local health community can help address shortfalls in Veteran Affairs (VA) care.
M A8 The city should actively work with the military to maintain and add missions to JBSA to maintain/increase job growth and employment opportunities.
M A9 Provide incentives to attract new, innovative businesses that spin off of military (i.e. Cyber Security and Health Research).
M A10 Implement Ambient Light Study.
M A11 Lobby for legislation to develop programs that assist local municipalities in supporting military value.
M A12 Expand partnerships between JBSA and local municipalities.
M A13 Identify regional and statewide efforts to promote military presence in San Antonio.
M A14 Work with the military to implement JLUS recommendations.