The safety of the community must always be a priority. As the city continues to grow and develop, we will work to accommodate this growth sustainably so we always maintain a safe and healthy community.

Community services and facilities are vital to our economic prosperity and quality of life. Crime prevention, maintaining reliable energy supplies, schools, parks, flood protection and green infrastructure provide an essential foundation for stable, prosperous communities. Failing to plan for the impact of growth on our public facilities is not an option.

For instance, we know buildings account for over 90% of electricity consumption in San Antonio (compared with 75% nationally). Our community has already begun to implement strategies to improve environmental performance, such as the Mission Verde effort and the Mayor’s task force which provided new building code recommendations. We do not have a large-scale, municipally supported retrofit program. Nor do we have a citywide green infrastructure and stormwater management effort.

Given that 1.1 million more people will live in the area by 2040, it’s clear that “business as usual” can’t be continued. This growth represents a tremendous opportunity for the San Antonio metropolitan region, but could undermine our quality of life if we do not plan and act appropriately. The Public Facilities and Community Safety (PFCS) goals and polices were developed to meet the six public facilities and community safety challenges for our City that follow.