Indicators and actions

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  • PFCS 1: Emergency Response Times
  • PFCS 2: Satisfaction Scores for San Antonio's Fire, Emergency Medical Services and Police Department
  • PFCS 3: Dollars Spent or Percent of Budget Allocated for New Street Lighting and Existing Street Light Maintenance
  • PFCS 4: Attendance at Community Safety Trainings
  • PFCS 5: Crime Rate Index per 100,000 people
  • PFCS 6: Recidivism Rates
  • PFCS 7: Incidents of Domestic Violence
  • PFCS 8: Incidents of Child Abuse and Neglect
  • PFCS 9: Number of Students Involved in School-Sponsored After-School and Extra Curricular Programs
  • PFCS 10: Number of Students Who Have Access to a Computer Outside of School
  • PFCS 11: Number of Facilities Utilizing Active Parking Management Principles in Downtown and in Other Regional Centers
  • PFCS 12: Number of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • PFCS 13: Visits to Library Facilities
Action Description Air Quality Economic Vitality Equity Resilience Water Resources
PFCS A1 Requires new or renovated City facilities to incorporate Low Impact Development (LID).
PFCS A2 Prioritize investments that provide adequate lighting and safety measures such as adapting signals and curb ramps to meet ADA standards when developing pedestrian-oriented areas.
PFCS A3 Ensure that emergency response vehicles are appropriately scaled for the type of roadway they are utilizing (i.e. compliant with complete streets and other traffic calming measures).
PFCS A4 Inform residents about the education and training programs offered by the San Antonio's Fire, Emergency Medical Services and Police Departments.
PFCS A5 Develop a program to support neighborhood associations to work with residents to educate them on personal safety measures, particularly in areas with higher crime rates.
PFCS A6 Promote programs to educate San Antonio’s residents on domestic violence. Make resources for battered residents easily accessible.
PFCS A7 Convene a committee of representatives from the independent school districts to monitor and report on enrollment in school-sponsored after-school and extracurricular programs.
PFCS A8 Work with the independent school districts to promote and encourage school-sponsored after-school and extracurricular programs.
PFCS A9 Enhance library lending programs that facilitate on-line access for students.
PFCS A10 Analyze and prioritize key locations for alternative fuel and electric car charging stations.
PFCS A11 Incentivize electric vehicles and charging stations.