Indicators and actions

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  • JEC 1: Per Capita Income
  • JEC 2: Employment in Target Industries
  • JEC 3: Rate of Unemployment and Under-Employment
  • JEC 4: Median Wage
  • JEC 5: Enrollment in STEM and STEAM Programs
  • JEC 6: Enrollment Figures of education and business supportive groups (including cafécollege, the Texas Technology Transfer Development Center (T3DC), UTSA’s Center for Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CITE), Geekdom, TechBloc, the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI))
  • JEC 7: Percent of Adults with a Post-High School Degree
  • JEC 8: Percent of Adults without a GED
  • JEC 9: Ratio of Available Skilled Workers vs. Jobs in Target Industries
  • JEC 10: Number of Job Training Programs or Enrollment in Programs
  • JEC 11: Number of Net New Businesses Created Annually
  • JEC 12: Number of Minority, Women and Emerging Small Business and Veteran-Owned Business Contracts within the City of San Antonio
  • JEC 13: Kauffman Index (Measures Entrepreneurship and New Businesses)
  • JEC 14: Number of New Patents Obtained by San Antonio Businesses or Institutions
  • JEC 15: Number of New Jobs Created Within Regional Centers
  • JEC 16: Number of Jobs Within 1/2-mile of High Frequency Transit Stops
  • JEC 17: Value of San Antonio Exports
  • JEC 18: Dollars of Foreign Direct Investment in San Antonio
  • JEC 19: Lost Work Hours Due to Health Outcomes
  • JEC 20: Number of Trained Robotics Workers
Action Description Air Quality Economic Vitality Equity Resilience Water Resources
JEC A1 Develop a collaborative economic development strategy with other regional cities along the 1-35 corridor to market and promote the region and collaborate to attract business and investment.
JEC A2 Investigate and implement a tuition reimbursement program focused on targeted industries and/or non-traditional students seeking higher education.
JEC A3 Offer educators and students a minimum of 20,000 experiential learning opportunities from the SA Works menu of options by 2020.
JEC A4 Collaborate with school districts and target industry employers to host STEM related programs, events, and activities.
JEC A5 Support and increase resources for Café Commerce.
JEC A6 Expand cafécollege’s operations and reach in the community.
JEC A7 Support strategies and incentives to encourage San Antonio businesses and institutions to pursue new patents.
JEC A8 Explore the creation of innovation districts within the UTSA, Medical Center, Downtown, and other Regional Centers.
JEC A9 Develop strategies to reduce the gap between skilled workers compared to available jobs for target industries.
JEC A10 Provide incentives for government and public agencies to contract minority and emerging small business and veteran owned businesses.
JEC A11 Work with civic leaders and entrepreneurs to support small business creation and ownership.
JEC A12 Develop upfront support and capital investment program to aid in the creation of small businesses within urban centers and neighborhoods.
JEC A13 Encourage San Antonio business to pursue B-Corp certification and increase awareness about B-Corps.
JEC A14 Develop a plan to identify and create ready-made employment space lacking for target industries. Align infrastructure and environment of regional centers with targeted industries.
JEC A15 Align economic development efforts for attracting and growing jobs within target industries to locate jobs in regional centers.
JEC A16 Expand support for the growth of trade efforts led by inSA.
JEC A17 Strengthen support for the implementation of San Antonio's trade and investment Strategy.
JEC A18 Align implementation strategies with Forefront SA strategies.
JEC A19 Develop an Eco-Tourism plan for San Antonio.
JEC A20 Develop a Health & Economic Analysis in order to identify the long term economic impact of health outcomes in San Antonio (i.e. lost worker productivity, corporate recruitment and retention, etc.).
JEC A21 During the initial implementation phase following plan approval, JEC element roles and responsibilities should be aligned with Forefront SA report.