Indicators and actions

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  • HPCH 1: Percent of Historic Landmarks and Cultural Buildings Designated Per Year
  • HPCH 2: Number of Policies and Programs Addressing San Antonio's Character and Sense of Identity, including Historic Preservation Plans
  • HPCH 3: Number of Historic Properties Rehabilitated with Incentives
  • HPCH 4: Number of Exceptions and Variances Granted by Board of Adjustment and Planning Commission
  • HPCH 5: Number of Demolition Requests for Existing and Potential Historic Properties
  • HPCH 6: Number of Events Sponsored in Collaboration with the Office of Historic Preservation (OHP)- Including OHP Youth Program and Con Safo
  • HPCH 7: Number of Workshops Sponsored by OHP for Developers, City Commissioners, Realtors, Staff, Elected Officials and Residents
  • HPCH 8: Number of Festivals and Events Celebrating San Antonio’s History and Culture
  • HPCH 9: Property Value for Structures within Historic Districts as Compared to Property Value of Structures in Non-Historic Districts
  • HPCH 10: Number of Projects that Receive the Federal Rehabilitation Tax Credit
  • HPCH 11: Number of Projects that Receive the State Tax Credits for Historic Preservation
  • HPCH 12: Percent of Maintenance Budget Allocated to World Heritage Buffer Zone
  • HPCH 13: Number of Projects that Receive Local Rehabilitation and Historic Preservation Credits
Action Description Air Quality Economic Vitality Equity Resilience Water Resources
HPCH A1 Prioritize recognition and registration of historic landmarks and cultural assets.
HPCH A2 Support policies related to San Antonio's character and sense of identity.
HPCH A3 Create a group forum where neighborhoods in the Mission Area can meet with city officials to determine and set the goals of the community.
HPCH A4 Evaluate pilot programs that focus on spurring revitalization of historic buildings and landmarks.
HPCH A5 Create regulations and education programs that support affordable technological retrofits for historic buildings and sites.
HPCH A6 Explore the creation of a public notification process for demolition applications in Neighborhood Conservation Districts (NCD).
HPCH A7 Allocate appropriate and enhanced staff and resources to the review and approval process for new development in Neighborhood Conservation Districts (NCD) to ensure contextually-appropriate development.
HPCH A8 Explore options for allocating hotel and motel tax revenues for infrastructure and community improvements in Historic Districts and around other historic and cultural assets.
HPCH A9 Design and promote events and workshops about San Antonio's history and culture.
HPCH A10 Explore the creation of mixed-use zoning districts that would allow for the provision of neighborhood commercial uses adjacent to residential and historic areas, where appropriate.
HPCH A11 Create a low- or no-fee process for rezoning commercially designated houses to residential in Historic Districts.
HPCH A12 Study and implement a new county tax reduction for owner-occupied units in Historic Districts.
HPCH A13 Educate the public on federal tax credits available for historic and cultural rehabilitation projects.
HPCH A14 Educate the public on state tax credits available for historic preservation projects.
HPCH A15 Identify areas (transition zones) in Historic Districts where high density development is appropriate or not.
HPCH A16 Investigate outside sources of investment to support ongoing historic preservation and rehabilitation of the World Heritage site.
HPCH A17 Develop a wayfinding program for the Old Spanish Trail (1920s).