Technology and innovation

Technology can greatly enhance community access to our history, through content-rich websites, online databases of historical and cultural records, City directories, and other digital resources. Interactive tour itineraries, maps, photo galleries, virtual tours, GPS tours and mobile activities can target the growing cultural heritage tourism segment, engaging and educating residents and visitors about our historic resources.

Preserving our history and learning about our culture teaches us and our children about our past and brings us closer to our ancestors. The future of San Antonio’s historic and cultural districts and landmarks rests upon educating younger generations about their importance and value. Historic places provide authentic and interactive experiences, making them valuable learning tools for educators and students. Historic and cultural educational activities can be introduced into school curricula allowing students in primary and secondary schools and colleges and universities to learn about San Antonio’s history.

ScoutSA Discovery App

The Scout SA initiative has introduced a new method of conducting building surveys without a pen and paper. Staff, professionals or anyone can use the Discovery web application to identify, inventory, and document potential historic landmarks and districts in San Antonio. The app is GIS based to the user can pin point a location, upload a photo and provide a description with their mobile device. All residents can get involved by downloading the app to their mobile phone and submitting places, objects, traditions or people that are important to them.