Economic development

Historic preservation has proven to be economically beneficial for San Antonio. Historic sites and districts can generate employment opportunities, additional tax dollars, local business development, tourism revenue, downtown revitalization and myriad other contributions to the local economy. We can trace that economic impact directly back to efforts to protect and preserve our historic and cultural resources. Beyond generating revenue and creating jobs, historic preservation is a proven and effective tool for a wide range of public goals including small business incubation, affordable housing, sustainable development, neighborhood stabilization, center city revitalization, promotion of the arts and culture, small town renewal, heritage tourism and economic development.

Tourist Destination

More than 2.5 million visitors annually tour “The Alamo” complex in Downtown San Antonio. From the Alamo, it’s a short walk to the River Walk, another popular tourist destination. According to a Trinity University study conducted in 2014, the hospitality and tourism industries in San Antonio generate over 100,000 jobs and create an overall economic impact of $13.4 billion. Nearly $350 million goes to local government, with much of that reinvested back into the City to further advance historic and cultural preservation.