Indicators and actions

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  • TC 1: Miles of Complete Streets
  • TC 2: Number of Public Transit Facilities and Buses with Bicycle Racks and Storage Facilities
  • TC 3: Number of Dollars Spent on Multimodal Transportation Infrastructure
  • TC 4: Bus Service Hours of Frequent Routes
  • TC 5: Travel Time Index (TTI)
  • TC 6: Commuters using modes other than Single Occupancy Vehicle (SOV)
  • TC 7: WalkScore
  • TC 8: BikeScore
  • TC 9: Average Commute Time
  • TC 10: Diversity of transit ridership (race, ethnicity, income level, etc.)
  • TC 11: Percent of Households that Live within 1/2-Mile of a Protected Bike Facility
  • TC 12: Number of Car Sharing Vehicles Active in San Antonio
  • TC 13: Number of Bike Sharing bikes and stations in San Antonio
  • TC 14: Per Capita Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT)
  • TC 15: Pavement Condition Index (PCI)
  • TC 16: Percentage of Population within Walking Distance of Frequent Transit Service
  • TC 17: Electric and Hybrid Vehicles as a Percent of Overall Vehicle Ownership in San Antonio
  • TC 18: Number of Automobile Accidents
  • TC 19: Number and rate/rations of Automobile and Bicycle Crashes Involving Pedestrians
  • TC 20: Connectivity Index
  • TC 21: Number of Residents within 1/4-Mile of a Transit Stop
  • TC 22: Percent of Jobs located within 1-Mile of a Dedicated and/or Protected Bike Facility
Action Description Air Quality Economic Vitality Equity Resilience Water Resources
TC A1 The City will re-engage the public about light rail transit.
TC A2 Create a program for protected bike lanes.
TC A3 Expand bicycle access routes to new areas.
TC A4 Analyze and prioritize key locations for complete streets investments.
TC A5 Improve pedestrian and bike route connectivity.
TC A6 Collaborate with VIA to align investments in multimodal transportation infrastructure and new transit stations and routes.
TC A7 Identify, evaluate and implement a connected system of HOV lanes.
TC A8 Implement policies or designs that promote traffic calming measures, a range of safe bicycle facilities and multi-use trails.
TC A9 Promote and educate riders on the day pass program.
TC A10 Collaborate with responsible parties to implement reloadable fare payment cards that integrate parking, transit, BCycle, CarShare, and allow electronic payment.
TC A11 Increase transit and multimodal options to medical and healthcare facilities, military installations, and educational institutions.
TC A12 Implement a program which rewards employer-based programs that support reduced overall VMT by employees who live within 5 miles of their work.
TC A13 Increase percentage of households that live within 1/4 to 1/2-mile of a bike lane/trail, complete sidewalk network, or transit.
TC A14 Increase investment in multimodal transportation options.
TC A15 Invest in a regional multimodal trip planning application for mobile users to promote alternative methods of transportation.
TC A16 Develop a San Antonio traffic and mobility application for mobile use.
TC A17 Explore and implement a real time travel information center for freight on freeways and restrict freight delivery in dense activity centers during peak periods of the day.
TC A18 Study and implement smart parking in downtown and other regional centers with real time availability signage.
TC A19 Create a better strategy for managing transportation options by providing dedicated lanes for transit priority and parking during large scale special events.
TC A20 Create school siting requirements and enforce standards for streets and connectivity within 1 miles of schools.
TC A21 Implement ITS improvements and transit priority for frequent bus routes.
TC A22 Advance one federally supported transit project into development phase by 2020.
TC A23 Find additional local funding to support VIA services for customers who cannot ride the bus because of a disability.